Treatment & Rejuvenation of Shahibabad Drain/Brij Nala at Ghaziabad

Multi Stakeholder Initiative led by Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation, Government of Uttar Pradesh

Co-Creation of Innovative Solutions Through

a Multi-Stakeholder Consultative Process

Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation shall follow a collaborative and transparent process to invite, shortlist and select relevant technology and service projects for this project

Step 1 - Problem Statement

The 1st meeting held on 14 July 2021 was to provide an overview of the challenges and objectives of this DEWATS project for rejuvenation of the Shahibabad Drain/Brij Nala at Ghaziabad

Step 2 - Presentations by Technology & Service Providers

All interested companies shall be invited to provide introduction to their company’s experience, technological capabilities and technical presentations of their proposed solutions and technologies to multi-stakeholder group

Step 3 - Concept Proposals by interested companies

Based on field visits and initial feasibility design all interested companies shall be requested to submit technical and budgetary proposals for their recommended solutions

Step 4 - Shortlisting of Technology & Service Provider by Technical Committee

Evaluation and shortlisting of technologies & solutions based on feasibility and applicability for Shahibabad Drain/Brij Nala

Step 5 - RFP & Selection of Technology & Service Providers for setting up pilot projects

RFP for shortlisted technology providers/solutions for implementation of Pilot Projects

Step 6 - Monitoring & Evaluation and Scale Up

  • Monitoring & Evaluation of implemented pilot projects/solutions

  • Scaling up for entire drain and other polluted drains in GMC

Interested in partnering with GMC on this project

If you are not already partner to this project and would like to contribute or participate, please reach out to us

Just want to follow the developments

In case you are interested only in following the developments and supporting the initiative from the ring-fence, please leave your email below so that we keep you posted with the new developments on the project on a regular basis.

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This multistakeholder initiative is supported by 2030 Water Resources Group (2030WRG)

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